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Learn from experts in the field as we discuss the latest in ultrasound infection prevention and reprocessing practices.

Nanosonics trophon® technology, the global standard in ultrasound probe reprocessing, is proud to present to you leading ultrasound infection prevention insights via Network Nanosonics podcasts, videos and webinars.

COVID-19 and infection prevention for OB/GYN settings

Lisa Waldowski discusses infection prevention best practices for maternal and fetal health in light of COVID-19. She reviews recommendations from federal guidelines and professional societies and discusses the importance of proper reprocessing of reusable medical equipment to help mitigate the risk of cross-contamination.

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Ultrasound During COVID-19: A German Perspective

We talk to Hicham Benkhai to discuss the advantages of ultrasound use in COVID-19 positive environments in comparison to other imaging modalities. With increased usage, it is important to ensure ultrasound equipment is properly cleaned and disinfected for use.

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Ultrasound Use and Reprocessing During COVID-19

We discuss the role of ultrasound in the management of COVID-19 patients and how our customers are implementing infection prevention measures to protect their patients.

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