trophon consumables and accessories for:  simple and safe disinfection, workflow optimisation, and easy installation and placement.

trophon Consumables
Provide a simple and safe way to high level disinfect

NanoNebulant® Cartridges

trophon uses a proprietary disinfectant liquid with 35% hydrogen peroxide chemistry to achieve effective high level disinfection of the entire ultrasound probe including the shaft and handle. After use, the disinfectant breaks down primarily into harmless, environmentally friendly water and oxygen.

The NanoNebulant disinfectant is packed in a cartridge and remains completely sealed until inside the trophon device. Changing cartridges is a quick, clean and easy process. There is no need for chemical mixing or neutralization.

Each cartridge is made from recyclable plastic materials and can be disposed of in a standard waste receptacle or as per your practice’s disposal procedures.

Chemical Indicators

trophon’s advanced technology controls all parameters during the HLD process and confirms its success.

The trophon Chemical Indicator is a qualitative chemical indicator designed to monitor the minimum effective concentration (MEC) of the High Level Disinfectant (HLD) during the trophon EPR disinfection process.

The trophon Chemical Indicator responds to a combination of time, temperature, disinfectant dosage and disinfectant concentration.

These minimum critical parameters need to be met for the chemical indicator to change to a pass colour. This qualitative colour change provides independent confirmation of success of each disinfection cycle.

trophon Accessories
Optional accessories to optimise workflow

trophon traceability accessories – help you comply with audit requirements

trophon® Printer
Provides a fast, easy to use traceability solution by helping to link the probe and the high level disinfection procedure.

It prints high quality trophon disinfection labels each and every cycle, with seven year print stability. The printer paper roll can generate up to 900 thermal adhesive labels which can be easily attached to medical records.

With the trophon Printer you can:

  • Print up to four labels per trophon cycle based on the operator, site or procedure preferences
  • Link probe and disinfection procedures to patients for complete traceability
  • Take the risk out of record keeping by reducing potential for incomplete or inaccurate documentation
  • Simplify and systematise record keeping in your healthcare facility

trophon® Logbook
Easy recording of important disinfection steps. It helps you meet best practice standards for reprocessing ultrasound probes.

  • Compatible with trophon Printer labels
  • The Logbook can be adapted to your traceability requirements.

trophon® Connect
This quality assurance software tool helps clinics meet documentation and audit requirements. It enables easy downloading and recording of trophon HLD data from the device to a personal computer.

With trophon Connect you can:

  • Obtain user-defined, automated, fast, non-editable HLD reports
  • Meet system-wide audit and accreditation requirements
  • Access a robust risk management system that reduces legal liability
  • Minimise errors and eliminate potential for documentation omission

trophon® Clean Ultrasound Probe Covers
The covers are custom designed to protect intracavity and surface ultrasound probes from recontamination (through handling or the environment), after HLD and before they are used on the next patient.

They cover the entire probe, including the handle, and help you meet the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines, and The Joint Commission recommendations.1

Correct storage is an important step in reprocessing ultrasound probes. The covers give you a simple way to deliver best practice patient care at Point of Care, so probes are ready for immediate reuse.

  • Size: 14” long (36 cm) x 4.3” wide (11 cm)
  • Application: All intracavity probes and most surface probes on the trophon validated probes list
  • Use: After every probe HLD
  • Manufactured: In an ISO certified clean room (ISO class 8)
  • Documentation: trophon Printer labels can be quickly attached to the covers, eliminating a separate workflow step to mark probes as clean
  1. CDC Health Alert Network September 11, 2015. Available from: American National Standard: The ANSI/AAMI ST58:2013 Chemical Sterilization and High-level Disinfection in Health Care Facilities.

trophon set up accessories – allow easy installation and placement

trophon® Wall Mount

A convenient option for installing trophon where there are space constraints.

trophon® Cart

Makes trophon fully mobile for convenient point of care use and adaptability where there are space constraints.

trophon® Printer Wall Mount

Custom designed for secure, horizontal mounting of the trophon Printer to a wall, and includes a cable tidy area for convenience.

trophon® Printer Cart Mount

Designed for securely attaching the trophon Printer to the trophon Cart, in an easily accessible, convenient location.

trophon probe accessory – added convenience

trophon® Curved Probe Positioner (CPP)
This accessory improves the positioning of approved curved probes in the trophon chamber. Many curved probes are approved for use with trophon.