Infection Prevention

Why managing infection risk is important to your patients, staff and facility. Learn about HAIs, Instrument Processing and Best Practice.

Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs)

It only take one poorly disinfected probe to put your patients at risk of cross-contamination.
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Clinical Use of Ultrasound

In a growing list of invasive and semi-invasive procedures in almost all healthcare departments.
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Infection Risk from Ultrasound

Improper disinfection practices leave probes contaminated and put patients at risk of HAIs.
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Spaulding Classification

The internationally adopted framework for disinfection and sterilisation of medical devices.
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When to HLD

Learn when to perform High Level Disinfection (HLD) of your ultrasound probe.
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Best Practice HLD

How to implement High Level Disinfection (HLD).
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Medical Device Reprocessing

Clean, Disinfect, Store and Trace.
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Helping make choices for appropriate disinfection level requirements.
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