Beaumont Hospital, Dublin

Beaumont Hospital Dublin have adopted trophon®2 ultrasound probe high level disinfection for use with COVID-19 patients. Patients will undergo ultrasound for CVC line insertions and the probe will be cleaned, removed from isolation zone and then placed in the trophon for High Level Disinfection.

Beaumont Hospital is the largest hospital on the Northside of Dublin City. Partnering with the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland it provides healthcare in line with the highest international standards.

It has increased the number of beds available in ICU to treat patients admitted with complications of COVID-19 infections. Currently it is caring for the highest number of patients infected with COVID-19 nationally.

Beaumont Hospital has introduced policies and measures in line with global recommendations on how to prevent increased spread of COVID-19 and keep both staff and patients safe. Increases in patients admitted with complications of this infection has brought about the need for robust processes and improvements to decontamination of devices and areas in the hospital.

Beaumont Hospital in partnership with Nanosonics has increased their installed base of trophon High Level Disinfection (HLD) systems to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 by medical devices (ultrasound probes) between staff and patients. Ultrasound is used in the care and management of critically ill patients diagnosed with COVID-19. The ICU departments specifically for the COVID-19 patients have trophon installed to provide HLD to all ultrasound probes.

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